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Perceptia Joins GLOBALFOUNDRIES Events in Santa Clara, Munich

Perceptia Devices, Inc. and GLOBALFOUNDRIES have agreed that Perceptia will join GLOBALFOUNDRIES in Santa Clara, California, on September 24, 2019, and in Munich, Germany, on October 11, 2019. GLOBALFOUNDRIES will hold its Technology Conference (GTC) in these locations, and Perceptia will be pleased to present its first three IPs available in the 22FDX process: pPLL02F for logic clocking; pPLL02LV for low-voltage logic clocking; and pPLL03F for low-jitter clocking. All three PLLs provide fractional-N operation and feature the tiniest footprint in the industry – just 60 x 90 microns.

If you plan a product in 22FDX and you don’t have a PLL yet, then please stop by either in Santa Clara or in Munich. If you can’t come, then contact us (contact info on this website).