pPOR01 — Power-On Reset

Process/Foundry: GF 65LPe UMC 40
Size: 50.5 x 22.6 µm2 On request
Power: 10-µA On request
Status: Silicon Silicon


Application Diagram

pPOR01 application diagram
pPOR01 application diagram


The pPOR01 (GlobalFoundries 65LPe version) is a 3-pin cell monitoring its supply voltage,  and providing a reset (POR) signal on power-up and power-down.

On power-up, the circuit holds the POR pin down until about 35-µs after VDD has exceeded a threshold voltage between 860 and 980-mV.

When VDD falls below the reset threshold (between 820 and 930-mV), POR is asserted (after about 35-µs), holding externally connected blocks in reset. There is a hysteresis of about 40-mV between the release and reset thresholds.

The threshold values have been optimized for each corner to ensure that logic cells will operate correctly and D-flipflops will hold state.

The POR signal is output with a delay of about 35-µs in order to filter out noise on the supply.

Users should connect the output of the circuit to a counter that will delay the release of reset. This will provide further filtering of noise on the supply.


  • Power-On Reset macrocell for use in 1.2-V +10% cores
  • Three-pin operation
  • Standard CMOS output
  • Thresholds optimized for the process to allow logic to function correctly
  • Very low quiescent current, max 10-µA
  • Footprint 50.5 x 22.6-µm2 or embedded in a standard pad cell

Front-end Deliverables

  • Datasheet
  • Integration guidelines
  • Verilog-A model
  • SPICE model
  • Functional verification test bench
  • Characterization report
  • LEF abstract
  • Corner simulation report (based on extracted layout)

Implementation Deliverables

  • GDS2 layout files
  • SPICE netlist for LVS
  • DRC verification report
  • SI verification report
  • Integration guidelines
  • Test guidelines

Available Services

  • Front-end integration support, up to 4 man-hours (included)
  • Implementation support, up to 4 man-hours (included)
  • Maintenance 12 months, includes design updates and process updates
  • Migration
  • Customization