pPLL08-UMC40LP — All Digital Fractional-N RF Frequency Synthesizer PLL in UMC 40LP


  • RF LO
  • Clock for RF ADC/DAC
  • 5G and LTE radio (3GPP)
  • WiFi Radio (802.11ax)
  • SerDes,
  • Optical transceiver

Please send us a message to find out more or discuss how you can use pPLL08F in your project.


  • Fractional Multiplication with frequencies up to 8GHz
  • Extremely low jitter (< 300fs RMS)
  • Small size  (< 0.05 sq mm)
  • Low Power (< 15mW)
  • Support for many wireless standards including 5G and WiFi
  • Easy integration


Perceptia’s DeepSub™ pPLL08F is an all digital RF frequency synthesizer PLL featuring industry leading jitter (sub 300fs), phase noise and compact area suitable for RF applications, including 5G and 802.11ax at frequencies up to 8GHz. It is suitable for use as an LO and/or clocking ADCs/DACs with demanding SNR requirements.

pPLL08 uses a LC tank DCO to achieve the performance demands of critical RF systems. It is still low power (< 15mW) and compact compact (< 0.08 sq mm). The all digital architecture minimises interference from other circuits on the same die, making it capable of supporting SNDR better than 60dB.

pPLL08 integrates easily into any SoC design and includes all the views and models required by back end flows.

The pPLL08F is built using Perceptia’s second generation all digital PLL technology. This robust technology delivers identical performance regardless of PVT conditions. It consumes a small fraction of the area of an analog PLL whilst maintaining comparable performance.

pPLL08F can be used as an integer-N PLL or as a fractional-N PLL. The fractional-N mode provides a high flexibility to choose the best combination of input and output clock frequencies at the system level.

Perceptia further provides integration support and offers customization and migration services. Please send us a message to find out more or discuss how you can use pPLL08F in your project.


  • Ultra-low jitter, less than 300fs RMS integrated between 12kHz to 20MHz.
  • Suitable for many RF applications, including LO, clocks for, ADC, DAC, high-speed PHY
  • Small die area (< 0.05 sq mm), using a LC tank oscillator
  • Output frequency can be from 1 to 2047 times the input reference, up to 8GHz
  • Reference clock from 5MHz to 1GHz
  • Second-generation digital PLL architecture, providing integer and 24 bit fractional multiplication
  • Primary PLL output running at the main DCO frequency for lowest noise clocking
  • Two further PLL outputs via separate postscalers
    • Post-scalers programmable from 1 to 2,040
  • Lock-detect output
  • PLL output duty cycle better than 49 / 51%
  • Highly testable using industry standard flows
    •   ATPG vectors provided
    •   Specification of functional tests to supplement ATPG testing


  • Datasheet
  • Detailed Verilog behavioral model
  • Timing models
  • LEF5.6 abstract for floor planning/chip assembly
  • Integration Guide
  • DFT Guide
  • Integration support
  • Characterization report
  • GDSII layout macrocell
  • CDL netlist for LVS
  • DRC, LVS and SI verification reports
  • Netlist model with accompanying documentation allowing integration of the module in scan chains

Please send us a message to find out more or discuss how you can use pPLL08F in your project.

Availability in Other Technologies

The pPLL08 Family of RF PLLs is available in a range of technologies. In addition to UMC 40LP, pPLL08F is currently available in the following technologies:

Please ask if your preferred technology  is not on this list in case the website is not currently up to date. We can port any PLL to any technology on request.