Perceptia partners with GLOBALFOUNDRIES, and is a member of the foundry’s FDXcelerator™ Partner Program, an FD-SOI ecosystem to enable faster, broader deployment of the foundry’s 22FDX® and 12 FDX™ FD-SOI processes that support IoT, mobile, and wireless applications. As a member of the Partner Program, Perceptia will provide PLL IP and complementary design solutions for GF’s 22FDX® process technology designed to meet customer needs for tighter design and layout rules for high speed clock generation and support applications. Perceptia also has some of its IP in other GF processes.

Perceptia partners with UMC and is a member of the foundry’s IP Alliance program. This allows UMC to bring a full line of advanced digital PLLs to its newest CMOS processes.

Perceptia further works with several other foundries, and provides its IP in TSMC, Silterra, and ON Semiconductor.

Representation and Supply Chain

The following partners join us with market activities, and provide supply chain services, through which we are able to offer our customers economies of scale. By taking production into consideration from the very start of a project, we expedite time-to-market, and much improve the chances of a project’s commercial success.