Perceptia Devices is an IP and design services provider, based in Sydney, Australia. It is focused on high-speed and ultra-low-power mixed-signal semiconductor designs. Its specialization and innovation in all-digital PLLs, a distinction from its competitors, allows it to steadily build a portfolio of proprietary and patented architectures and circuits that bring value to demanding applications.

Perceptia offers PLL IP across a range of power vs performance tradeoffs. We offer:

Our second generation of all digital PLL IP is now entering production.

Please visit out product catalog to see the full range of IP that we offer or send us an email so we can help you determine which PLL best suits your needs..

IP Customization and Design Services

Perceptia offers IP and chip design services in support of our PLL IP. If you need a customized version of a PLL or a critical mixed signal chip or subsystem designed, please let us know.

Our mixed-signal and RF IC design services are focused on PLL and high-performance radio for advanced process nodes down to 5nm.


We seek long-term relationships with system and semiconductor companies, where we earn their trust and build a position as a valued extension of their design team or teams. Our focus is on companies that need ICs for wired and wireless communications. We provide turnkey design, collaborative design, and design enablement.

Having worked with Perceptia in the past I was pleased to work with them again at GlobalFoundries. Perceptia worked on novel architectures implemented in a 22nm FDSOI IOT solution. The work involved advanced development that required novel approaches to solving RF problems. The final solution was presented at RFIC 2017. Our requirements of them included high frequency analog and digital design and layout.

Stephen Allott Ph.D.
Principal Member of Technical Staff