Services Offered

For semiconductor companies:

  • From specification through GDS2
  • PDK development and optimization
  • Architecture and behavioral modeling
  • Analog, mixed-signal and RF IC design
  • Block-based or full IC design
  • IP development, adaptation, customization, and migration
  • RTL or netlist through GDS2
  • Consulting

For system companies:

  • Consulting
  • Feasibility
  • System integration, from concept to volume production
  • Customers don’t need to have ASIC experience

The team provides engineering breadth:

  • Platform-level depth and breadth
  • Architecture design and analysis
  • Spec-driven block-based design
  • Design methodology and flow optimization
  • PDK development, customization, or optimization
  • ADC, DAC, bandgaps references, equalizers, power-on resets, oscillators, high-ESD buffers
  • RF transmit, receive, filters, synthesizer, modulation, demodulation
  • Multi-Gbit SerDes, PLL, DDR, PCIe
  • Analog/RF and mixed-signal physical implementation
  • Standard cell digital physical implementation and DFT