Technical Team

Perceptia’s team has been working on all digital PLLs for the last decade and have now designed two generations of ADPLLs. This has allowed the team to acquire a thorough understanding of ADPLL architectures and their application to RF, ADC/DAC clocking and digital clocking.

The team has also acquired expertise in the key building blocks of PLLs and their support circuits, including:

  • LC tanks
  • Ring oscillators
  • Time to digital converters (TDC) and phase frequency detectors (PFD)
  • LVDS clock receivers
  • High speed output drivers
  • High speed custom logic
  • Bandgap references

Perceptia holds a significant number of patents resulting from the work of our team in these areas.

If you would like to take advantage of this expertise, please see our PLL IP Catalog or ask us about how we can help your product.

In addition to our work on PLLs, Perceptia’s team has worked on a number of customer projects involving RF and high speed analog design. These include:

  • SerDes
  • Power amplifiers (PA)
  • RFID
  • Injection locked oscillators (ILO)
  • Ultra low power analog
  • Variable gain amplifiers
  • Clock and data recovery (CDR)
  • ADCs and DACs
  • Equalizers
  • Sense amplifiers and comparators

Perceptia’s team is available for design services projects. Let us know how we can help you.

Perceptia’s core team consists of individuals who have worked together, in various companies and settings, for the past couple of decades. Before Perceptia, their backgrounds are in semiconductor companies such as Cypress, RFMD, Plessey, IDT, Quality, NXP, and National Semiconductor. The average industry experience of members of the core team is over 20 years.

Perceptia prides itself on the high-volume products that its team members have taped out. These include Ethernet chips, radio ICs, PHYs, DDR chips, and more.

We stand ready to help you in any way that we can.