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Perceptia Devices Strengthens Europe Sales Network

Morgan Hill, CA, October 1, 2018 – Perceptia Devices, Inc., a Silicon Valley provider of PLL and RFID IP cores, announced today that it has strengthened its European sales network with Blu Business Development (a.k.a BluBiz, in central and western Europe, and EquipIC ( in the Netherlands and western Europe. Both BluBiz and EquipIC will promote the full lines of IP and Perceptia’s design services to the European market.

The two partners have different business backgrounds, both complementary to Perceptia. While BluBiz represents EDA companies and in general companies providing design enablement, EquipIC specializes in supply chain management. Both have extensive and long-standing contacts with European-based semiconductor companies. While their geographies have some overlap, their market reach is different.

“I’m very pleased to have both companies working with us and our customers” said Andy Grouwstra, Perceptia’s CEO. “Semiconductor companies require local understanding of their needs, and local interaction to keep communication at the best level. I am certain that with both BluBiz and EquipIC we bring in senior expertise that will make this happen”.


About Perceptia Devices

Perceptia Devices, Inc. is a Silicon Valley-based IP and design services provider, with a design center in Sydney, Australia. It is focused on high-speed and ultra-low-power mixed-signal semiconductor designs. Its specialization and innovation in all-digital PLLs, a distinction from its competitors, allows it to steadily build a portfolio of proprietary and patented architectures and circuits that bring value to demanding applications. Perceptia is privately owned and self-funded. For more information, visit