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Perceptia Devices Appoints Vector and SMC as its Korean Representatives

Scotts Valley, CA, June 29, 2017 – Perceptia Devices, Inc., a Silicon Valley provider of PLL and RFID IP cores, announced today that it has appointed Vector Co., of Dae-Jeon, and SMC Co., of Seoul, as its representatives for Korea. Both Vector and SMC will promote the full lines of IP and Perceptia’s IC design services to the Korean market.

To prevent customer confusion, SMC and Vector have agreed to a customer assignment procedure that is based on personal relationships rather than on geography. Both companies are active and have satisfied customers in all parts of the country. “I am very pleased with the level of professionalism that I see with them, and their enthusiasm to make our technology easily available for customers within their portfolios” said Andy Grouwstra, CEO of Perceptia. “In this business, success doesn’t only depend on the technical quality of a product, but also on the efforts of all those involved to make sure that the path towards integration, verification, and volume production is as smooth as possible. Even with the best prepared IP, you cannot just ‘throw it over the wall’ and assume that the receiving team will know precisely how to avoid issues. As the person who owns the customer relationship, a knowledgeable and personable representative is key to success.”

Perceptia has offices in Scotts Valley, California, and Sydney, Australia. Perceptia is the only IP provider offering digital PLLs and is a leading innovator in this field. Where analog PLLs have run out of steam on advanced semiconductor process nodes, and are increasingly sensitive to variations in the process, voltage, and temperature, digital PLLs are an order of magnitude smaller, and show rock-solid performance. Perceptia’s ULP expertise from designing RFID and pacemaker chips further helps to make its PLLs stand out. Its UHF RFID tag IC, thanks to its extreme power-saving features, has a sensitivity that allows it to be read at almost 10 meters distance, without requiring a battery.