Technical Team

Perceptia’s core team consists of individuals who have worked together, in various companies and settings, for the past couple of decades. Their backgrounds are in semiconductor companies such as Cypress, RFMD, Plessey, IDT, Quality, NXP, and National Semiconductor. The average industry experience of members of the core team approaches 20 years. We have a circle of regular subcontractors as an extended team, allowing us to grow our capacity quickly in peak times. Members of the extended team have similar experience, and in several cases they also a long history working with the founders.
Perceptia prides itself on the high-volume products that its team members have taped out. These include Ethernet chips, radio ICs, PHYs, DDR chips, and more. A key to these successes has always been a strategy to get to production silicon with the minimum spins. Whether we do a shuttle run first, or go straight to a full mask set, we almost always put in hooks to make a metal-only fix should a design require fine tuning.
Our key strategy for doing high-performance mixed-signal design is to perform a thorough system analysis before proposing an architecture. Good models, with the appropriate level of detail, not only provide a way of accurately predicting performance, but they also provide the foundation for robust verification throughout the remainder of the design cycle.
Our engineering team members are not ‘labeled resources’ that are moved like pawns on a game board. They are live people, with various sets and levels of expertise, with interests and ambitions, and with various strengths. We plan them into our projects accordingly, ensuring that they stay enthusiastic and motivated.

  • Twelve engineers core team (4 PhD, 3 MSc, 5 BSc)‏
  • Eighteen (total) with the extended team (1 PhD, 2 MSc, 4 BSc)
  • Mixed-signal, RF system architects, circuit designers, nm implementation engineers in Australia
  • Digital implementation and DFT in Brazil

Mixed-Signal Experience
RF Experience
Digital Physical Implementation Experience
Custom Digital Experience