Andy Grouwstra – Chief Executive Officer, founder

Andy Grouwstra, cofounder of Perceptia Devices, has over thirty years of experience in international electronics business. He graduated with an MSEE from Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, in 1982, upon which he founded DICE, an analog and mixed-signal IC design house. He served as the company’s president through 1989, during which time he raised its funding and managed the company’s engineering team through many successful IC developments. DICE was acquired by Xtrema Systems International in Reston, VA.
In 1989 he joined MUSIC Semiconductors as Director of Marketing and Sales to reorganize European sales, and in 1990 he became responsible for marketing and sales in Asia. During his tenure the company achieved a 65% worldwide market share in VGA color palette ICs.
From 1994 to 1998 he became responsible for Marketing and Sales at SPaSE, Nijmegen, Netherlands. Following his business plan, the company changed from an IC design services provider into a fabless semiconductor company focused on digital television applications.
Mr. Grouwstra joined Cadence Design Systems, San Jose, CA in 2000 and performed various business development roles in its Services department, for both North America, and Brazil. In 2008, he transferred full-time to Perceptia.
He served through 2014 as its VP Business Development. Since 2013 Mr. Grouwstra also functions as a registered patent agent at the US Patent and Trademark Office. In January 2015 he assumed Perceptia’s CEO and CFO responsibilities.

Tim Robins – Vice-President Engineering, founder

Tim Robins, cofounder of Perceptia Devices, has over twenty years of experience in silicon and product engineering. He graduated with BE in Computer Engineering from the University of London (Queen Mary College), England. In the course of his degree studies he worked at Marconi Electronic Device Limited (MEDL) as a sponsored student (intern), working on microprocessor designs in silicon-on-sapphire technology for military and space applications. Upon graduation in 1991, he joined Marconi and designed the original PCS layer for its 10/100 Fast Ethernet PHY. During his tenure at Marconi, the division merged with Plessey Semiconductors to become GEC Plessey Semiconductors. He was on assignment for the Networking division at GEC Plessey in Scotts Valley in 1997, when it was acquired by Mitel (now Zarlink) of Canada. He then temporarily joined Quality Semiconductor (QSI) in San Jose in 1998, as a principal design engineer in the Ethernet products group.
QSI was acquired by IDT in 2000, upon which Mr. Robins joined gigabit-Ethernet PHY fabless semiconductor company Hiband Semiconductors as Director of Engineering. In this company, he led the engineering team. As a direct result of that team’s successful design activities, Cypress Semiconductor acquired Hiband in 2001. Mr. Robins left Cypress in 2005 to join Perceptia fulltime as its VP Engineering.

Julian Jenkins – Chief Technical Officer, founder

Julian Jenkins, cofounder of Perceptia devices, got his degree in Electrical Engineering – honors class 1 from the University of New South Wales, where he had also earned a degree in Computer Science. He has been in various design engineering positions in Quality Semiconductor Australia, Hiband Semiconductors, and Cypress Semiconductor before joining the Perceptia founding team. Mr. Jenkins has several US and international patents and has participated in an impressive list of high-speed analog and mixed-signal ICs that are in commercial production.