Other PLLs

Perceptia has advanced digital PLL technology, some of which has been shrink-wrapped as market-ready IPs, and others have been taped out for specific customers. Perceptia is the only PLL IP provider that sells all-digital PLLs. Talk directly with us to find out all the advantages of digital PLLs (you may already have a hunch!). Since we are the only ones, there is a lot of pioneering we do. We’ve been at it since 2009, and have a quite leg up on our competitors, who still need to even start. In the meantime, we make PLLs that are 60X smaller than our esteemed colleagues. They believe that die area is not important for you. Or that it is easier to charge a good license fee if the IP is big.

If you have requirements in the following areas, then please contact us. We may have more than we publish on our website.

  • Fractional-N PLLs
  • Low-power PLLs
  • ULP PLLs
  • Ultra-low-jitter and ultra-low phase noise PLLs
  • PLLs with inputs for multiple reference clocks
  • Jitter attenuators
  • Special networking requirements