pLOGIC01-GF65LPe-6G — 6GHz 65-nm Logic Cells

Process/Foundry: GF 65LPe
Size: n/a
Power: n/a
Status: Foundry

A range of logic cells (AND/NAND, OR/NOR, EXOR/EXNOR, Registers, MUXes) suitable for clock speeds up to 6-GHz.

Front-end Deliverables

  • Datasheet
  • Integration guidelines
  • Verilog model
  • SPICE model
  • Characterization report
  • LEF abstracts
  • Corner simulation report

Implementation Deliverables

  • GDS2 layout files
  • SPICE netlist for LVS
  • DRC verification report
  • SI verification report

Available Services

  • Support (up to 8 man-hours included)
  • Maintenance 12 months, includes design updates and process updates
  • Migration
  • Customization